R-2442 Security Protection Roller Stamps

193.00 ฿

R-2442 Security Protection Roller Stamps
R-2442 Security Protection Roller Stamps
Ink color: Black

Printing width: 38 mm
Package include: 1 x Roller Stamp + 3 x 2cc refill ink

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Security Protection Roller Stamps. The tool is designed for you to roll over private information
that you need to block from public in term of security such as names, address, ID No., Credit
Card No., amount of money, etc. This is used on documents you are about to discarded or
recycled to block out those information. There are variety of color bar width of these Roller
Stamps. Package for the Roller Stamp comes completed with 3x2ccrefill ink. If more are
required, you can reorder. The ink is water-based and therefore we do not recommend for
rolling on shinny surface or non porous because that can be quite messy.
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requirements and answer any questions you may have. Call or order online today to get rolling
on your Security Protection Roller Stamps.

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