TR-CR41ME Ideal Embosser Diameter 41mm Round

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TR-CR41ME Ideal Embosser Diameter 41mm Round
TR-CR41ME Ideal Embosser Diameter 41mm Round

Out of stock


While you are seeking way to add classy look to your letter, packages, files, and documents,
Stamps are a good choice. In addition, to enhance it the Embossers are even better choice.
With monogram address and initial embossers, you can add your seal of approval in the choice of
foil and fonts. The Custom Embossers & Brass Dies is a very handy tool that should be on every
office desks. They let you create a uniform look that will impress customers and those you are in
contacted with. The price is affordable and that’s a saving for the company. We are proud to
provide the high-quality embossers. Each product is very durable and can last ten of thousands
of uses, lasting for years, and still continue providing clear stylist seals. With this tool, you can
take your mind of the embossing issue because you know that you can rely on this embosser to
get the job done.

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